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Philosophy of Care

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GoldCare™ was founded on the philosophy that healthcare decisions shouldn't be made by government leaders or Big Pharma but by clinicians willing to take a stand for your wellbeing and best health outcomes. GoldCare™ doctors will work with you to provide the most up-to-date medical recommendations without any conflict of interest or restrictions based on unethical guidelines.

Our philosophy is to build a trusting relationship with you based on your goals and specific health history. We will only recommend procedures, medicines, or tests that are in your best interest and based on honest evidence that is free of bias. A philosophy built on medical freedom encourages you to ask questions about treatment options and discuss all concerns with your physician. No question is too small. Our doctors will explain the risks and benefits of every treatment and will give you the opportunity to make the best decisions for you. We want to support you in your new healthcare journey, including providing you with resources for preventative medicine and encouraging fewer medicines or interventions when possible.

Ethical Considerations

GoldCare™ providers are paid based on the amount of time they work -- nothing more! All hourly rates and costs will be completely transparent. This allows GoldCare™ providers to focus on your needs and not a government organization that is run by Big Pharma. Our providers will not be paid for prescribing medicines or ordering diagnostic tests. We won't recommend visits with a specialist unless it would very likely provide a significant benefit to your care.

Our goal is for you to achieve your optimal health and wellbeing. We will continue to research the best treatment options and will pass our knowledge and experience on to you. We will preserve patient-physician freedom through our national telemedicine services, future centers, and the surrounding community with ethical and integrity-driven healthcare.

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Insurance/HAS/ Ministry-based/Other & Our Philosophy

In our changing medical system, you may feel conflicted about which healthcare option is best for you and your family.

Should you have insurance or a health savings account? Or is it better to consider a faith-based or health-share plan? The following information about different options may help get you started in this decision.

GoldCare™ Philosophy

You pay for your individual care and nothing more. Our fees cover all the expenses necessary to provide you with comprehensive medical care. You won't pay for the care you don't receive, and we will always try to minimize costs when possible.

Our goal is your best health, no extra expenses.


This is a system you may already know well. The goal of insurance is to charge you while you are well with the hope that you won't require more reimbursement for care than you pay for insurance. This approach asks you to pay for the possibility that...

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

This is a tax-free account you can use to save for certain medical expenses. Some employers contribute to these accounts for you, and you may decide to add money to your HSA to pay for out-of-pocket medical costs, including routine care and medicines.

Faith-Based or Medical-Share Plans

The goal of these plans is to share your medical expenses with other members. For example, your monthly "donation" will be given to other members who submit medical bills to cover their expenses...

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