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Covid? Flu? We have you covered!

GoldCare™ Health & Wellness is now offering urgent care appointments for those times when you need to be seen by a clinician right away -whether or not you’re a current GoldCare member!

The GoldCare™ Early Treatment Access (ETA) is now available for a flat fee of $150. We’ll provide you with a telemedicine appointment with one of our trusted physicians, along with full access to the GoldCare™ interface, including all educational resources, for 2 weeks.

So, if you or your loved ones get sick this winter, you can schedule a same-day or next-day appointment to get the necessary treatment from a trusted clinician.

GoldCare™ has partnered with freedom pharmacies to ship these crucial medicines to you, including Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, within 24 hours of receiving your prescription and payment.

We understand how difficult it can be to ensure that you’ll receive the best care and honest medical advice. That’s why GoldCare™ is providing this service to everyone - everywhere in the United States.

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At GoldCare™ Health & Wellness, our main priority is to serve each patient’s best interest and promote medical freedom. Our philosophy is to first build trust and mutual respect between patients and GoldCare™ providers. Because we don’t allow government or insurance to control healthcare decisions, the patient-physician relationship can flourish. The influences that guide our recommendations are based only on best medical practices tailored to your specific health needs. Our doctors will spend time getting to know you, including your medical history and your wellness goals. We will then discuss treatment options and provide you with the information needed to make fully informed decisions.GoldCare™ Health & Wellness works to ensure medical freedom for you while building a movement based on the principles of liberty, health, and justice. These principles will expand to your local community as we build relationships and partnerships to provide a refuge of health and wellness for all who join us.


Simple, transparent pricing.


Simple, transparent pricing.

If you’ve thought about giving GoldCare™ a try, this is your opportunity! You can purchase the GoldCare™ Early Treatment Access (ETA) now, and schedule your telemedicine visit with GoldCare™.


Prescriptions as needed and indicated to prevent and treat COVID-19


Natural therapies for COVID-19 or the flu


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